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Visit The Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Pet-Friendly Doodle Drive-In With Synthetic Grass From SYNLawn

The enjoyable summer weather brings every member of the family out of the house. From the negative effects of everything from mosquitoes and fleas to high temperatures, you’ll want to make sure it’s safe for every person and pet in the family. This is where we can help best! At SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio, we strive to make pets and their owners as safe as possible from the threats of summer. Catering to you and your pet’s desires is our number one priority.

Any number of conditions can influence the way SYNLawn perfects your outdoor living space. We consider everything about you and your furry friend, from their size and amount of time they spend outdoors to the layout of your yard. Our artificial grass pet system is designed to fit any sized pet or budget and addresses each and every one of your pet’s needs! With a wide variety in products, you can find exactly what you’ve been searching for with us! If you don’t take advantage of our amazing pet-friendly artificial turf at home, you will love what we have done at the Doodle drive-in restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

The benefits of Artificial Turf

At SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio, we boast the largest selection of branded artificial grass pet products in the industry! There is no other provider you can trust more to fit your landscaping needs when it comes to pet-friendly turf. With beautiful green grass all year round, yardwork is just one of the annoying responsibilities you can say goodbye to when you make the switch to synthetic grass.

Brown spots from underwatering in the summer is a thing of the past, as are uneven grass patches due to your pet’s urine. With no dirt around, this synthetic turf keeps pets cleaner than traditional grass lawns, ensuring that no muddy foot prints mess up your furniture or floors! Optimal drainage ensures there will be no flooding in your yard when those summer rainstorms hit, so your furbaby can go about their business without having to swim! Controlling odors, pests, and rodents allows you to take your yard back this summer.

The Pet-Friendly Doodle Drive-In Restaurant

Family fun in the sun doesn’t have to end at home. We also specialize in commercial turf, like the one we installed at the Doodle Drive-In, a pet-friendly drive-in restaurant with a dog park attached! Over 10,000 square feet, this artificial turf dog park is equipped with a centralized water feature that is not only safe for the pups to drink from, but also to play in! Your sweet furbaby can keep cool under the sun while avoiding the mud and pests found in traditional grass dog parks and yards. What a great way to socialize your puppy while socializing yourself!

There are plenty of ways to spend the summer and being outside with your family is one of the best memories you can make. If you are one of the millions of Americans who feel that their dog is an important part of the family, you don’t want to leave them at home while you go out and have fun. Inviting the family pet to join only makes this all the more exciting! You should be enjoying your time doing what you love this summer, and no one understands how important this is better than we do at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. It’s our mission to make this summer your best one yet!

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

4855 Hills & Dales Rd. NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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