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AIA Course

AIA Course for Landscaping Contractors

Take a free online class eligible for AIA CEU credit to learn more about the benefits of synthetic grass landscaping solutions in Canton, OH.

Want to learn more about the History and Impact of Synthetic turf? SYNLawn is pleased to offer an AIA accredited course.


Earn (1) one CEU credit in the HSW category. (Health, Safety and Wellness)


Description: This course was designed to teach a history of synthetic turf and its versatility in numerous landscaping applications and designs. Participants will become knowledgeable with synthetic grass and its innovative uses for their residential and commercial projects. Technological advances in the industry and the positive role turf plays in today’s current environmental climate are also included.

Important Information: This course is FREE and eligible for AIA CEU credit (See course details for specific credit eligibility) Automatic credit reporting is available to AIA members. Ensure your AIA member number and earned credits have been added to your profile at


The Continuing Architect will report earned credits to the AIA on your behalf. To receive credit, you are required to watch the following video (length=approx.48 minutes), then download and read the supplemental PDF document. At the conclusion of the course you must take a short 10-question quiz and pass with a score of 80% or higher. You may take this quiz as often as necessary to pass.

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