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Save time and money with synthetic grass installation from SYNLawn of NE Ohio

You love how your backyard looks at its prime at the end of summer, but you know it’s about to suffer with the onslaught of subzero temperatures and snow this winter. If you don’t want to put a significant amount of effort into keeping your lawn lush and green when the snow melts, we have the perfect solution for you here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. We install synthetic grass in terrains of any size or shape so that you don’t have to fill in the holes dug by your dog, repair the brown spots from winter and dog urine, and worry about the puddles when it rains too hard.

Having artificial turf in your backyard saves you money!

How can that possibly be true, you ask! There are so many ways, but we only have the space to list a few. Depending on the concerns that you face with your lawncare, you may appreciate more than just a few of these. You’ll save money on monthly utility bills when you don’t have to water the lawn every day, although we can’t help it if you spend more money taking your family places with the extra time you get to spend with them.

How much money do you spend on lawn equipment? You maintain different sets of oil and gas mixtures for each piece of equipment. You must winterize them every year and replace them every so often. Every season, you buy fertilizer that makes it lush and gets rid of or prevents certain diseases that are common to the area. You won’t have to do any of that when you have synthetic grass. You simply wake up in the morning and stand looking through your winter with mug in hand, smiling because there’s no yard work to be done.

You say that synthetic grass is pet and kid friendly?

You may appreciate some of the aspects that can make your life easier regarding your kids and pets. We’ve talked about how it helps protect your lawn from the effects of your pet’s normal activities, like urinating and digging. Well, it’s also durable so that it will take the pummeling your dog puts it through if you put it under a dog run. It’s pest resistant, because it isn’t conducive to the environment that fleas and ticks prefer.

Now, let’s talk about the mud they bring in because your lawn doesn’t drain. It’s the worst when your pets need to go outside immediately after it rains. You might even have puddles that don’t go away very quickly. The drain rate of artificial turf is extraordinary. We put our products under ASTM water permeability testing with results that show our turf will drain at over 1,200 inches per hour. To put it into perspective for you, that’s 40 times greater than the highest rainfall record in the US at any given time. No more puddles, and no more mud for pets or kids to drag in!

Now, what about the kids? You want to keep them as safe and happy as possible, and we can help beyond keeping them free from mud. Synthetic grass is less abrasive and non-allergenic, so you can have peace of mind if they fall while playing outside. You don’t have to worry about allergy medications if they just want to go play in the yard if there’s synthetic grass because it’s non-allergenic.

You’ll be amazed that we can help protect your kids from falls. We have padded playground surfaces that are perfect for installation under playsets. In addition to them being durable enough to withstand all the abuse children give them, it’s also an IPEMA safety certified product with an 8mm pad for additional protection from falls up to 10 feet. It absorbs the impact to virtually eliminate playground injuries. Our surfaces are also non-abrasive, so you’ll have less tears from scraped knees. We can even install them in fun colors.

Our synthetic grass might look and feel natural, but it’s so much safer, convenient, and cost effective. Weekends will never be the same when you don’t have to spend a whole day catching up on outside chores in the summer or cleaning up in the spring after a long winter. Call us here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for all your landscaping needs.

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

4855 Hills & Dales Rd. NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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