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SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio installs a beautiful and safe playground at Blanchard Valley Center!

As a parent, you want your child as safe as possible regardless of where they go and who is with them. Where do they spend the majority of their time when they are without you? School! Knowing that they have a fantastic playground on which to play and have protection even when they have an inevitable fall is invaluable. Blanchard Valley Center recognized the need to upgrade to a safe, constructive playground and commissioned us at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio to make it happen!

Not only can we install commercial artificial turf for playground surfaces, but we also offer our affordable services for residential applications. With many families choosing to stay home more frequently, it just seems natural to call us for synthetic grass to cushion the fall of the most precious thing that you have, your child.

What does the perfect playground look like?

Here at SYNLawn, we pride ourselves on helping communities have a safe place to gather. We recently installed two playgrounds at Blanchard Valley Center. The mission of playground installation is to optimize sensory development. One of the best components of stimulating children physically and mentally is offering them variety, which is precisely what this new playground provides. Some of the equipment allows them to climb, others are for swinging, and they can also take advantage of the slides.

What’s the optimal surface for a playground?

Not only do you want to enhance a child’s senses when they are relaxed and at play, but you also want them to remain safe. Blanchard Valley Center provides over 26,000 square feet of entertainment. Parents can feel at ease while their children are releasing energy at Blanchard. The play structure turf has padding to meet the IPEMA standards and CSA-approved 10-foot fall attenuation.

Most of the synthetic grass varieties that SYNLawn installs can be used as a playground surface. We have decades of experience that allows us to choose the appropriate array based on the equipment and application. Is it for a commercial application, such as a school? On the other hand, is it for residential purposes, where it will get less traffic?

An appropriate playground surface will be non-abrasive and non-allergenic. No one wants their child to come in from playing with brush burns on their knees, grass stains on their clothing, or sniffling from freshly cut grass affecting their respiratory health. Kids can even run outside to play right after a heavy rain since our synthetic turf features a drain rate of 30-inches per hour.

The artificial turf also boasts self-extinguishing properties with a Class One fire rating. When winter arrives and the kids have cabin fever, you can effortlessly shovel snow off the turf. Additionally, it will not freeze or absorb moisture. There is no need to keep antsy kids indoors throughout the entire winter.

Blanchard Valley Center has also considered the future with the idea that the ground in the summer gets so hot that little hands and feet may have a problem touching it. SYNLawn’s padded playground flooring boasts HeatBlock Technology that keeps it about 20 degrees cooler than other surfaces — even pea gravel and playground mulch.

Most injuries that occur on the playground result from falling either from climbing or onto a hard surface. Blanchard Valley Center wanted to prevent as much injury as possible while allowing their children to enjoy nature and release their energy outdoors, so they relied on the technology, experience, and wide selection of playground turf from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. We all want to keep our kids happy and carefree as they run off to their next adventure, and safe, synthetic playground surfaces help do that!

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

4855 Hills & Dales Rd. NW

Canton, Ohio 44708


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