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Get ready for summer with an outdoor putting green or low-maintenance synthetic grass from SYNLawn of NE Ohio

It’s the time of year when sunny days help you bounce out of bed in the morning, ready to tackle the day. You look forward to the feel of the warm air on your face and showing your friends how much your golf game has improved over the winter after you practiced nearly every day on your indoor putting green. You want to be outside in the sunshine but still practice, and we have the solution for you here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio with a custom installed outdoor putting green. You trusted us with the inside of your home. Now trust us with the outside.


We don’t just make you happy recreationally; we can give you some of that rare free time you crave with a low maintenance lawn. We have a wide selection of artificial turf to fit your plethora of residential or commercial needs, from anti-allergenic and pet-friendly synthetic grass varieties to padded playground surfaces. We’re who you call when you want to create a backyard that gives you the best year ever.


Practice your short game all year long…


Just because you live in Ohio doesn’t mean that you have to stop doing the things you love. We specifically mean the things you love to do in the nicer weather that we only get a few months a year. We install putting greens customized to the space that you have available whether it’s a small corner of your bedroom or you want it to be the centerpiece of your man cave.


We cater to all skill levels after partnering with Dave Pelz and Tom Watson to design a putting green that absorbs the ball’s energy the same way you would experience on natural grass of a golf course. You can rely on us when you want the same consistent roll and natural deceleration of the ball when compared to being out on your favorite course. We give you realistic performance while you chip away at your handicap.


It's even a great way to bond with friends or clients. Think about having a potential buyer in the office for an appointment and his attention turns to your custom putting green. 80% of executives claim that playing golf helps them create the business partnerships they desire. Seeing how someone conducts themselves on the golf course, or on your advanced putting green in the office, shows a great deal about their character, and we can help make that happen.


Create the backyard of your dreams…


You’ve improved on your favorite recreational sport; now let’s improve your home life. Let’s free up some of that hard earned time away from the office by designing a backyard oasis that makes you smile every time you think of it. It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re sitting on the deck having your coffee, listening to the waterfall trickling into the pond. You won’t even worry about having to repair the grass when you hear the dogs running around because your synthetic grass can withstand the rigorous play of kids and pets!


There won’t be any holes to fill or brown spots to repair. Your lawn will look beautiful and lush when the snow melts. All you have to do is pick up the sticks that accumulated over winter and you’re done. No aerating. No watering all summer. No mowing or trimming. Just immediate availability.


And the kids…psshh. They’ll love being able to play on their playset without you hovering over them or constantly telling them to be safe. You’ll be more confident that they won’t be injured after having us install a SYNLawn® Playground System. The most common playground injury is from falling, and our padded playground surface has been tested to protect children from falls as high as 10 feet. The soft padding protects their heads, and its non-abrasiveness prevents cuts and scrapes. You’ll notice that they don’t need allergy medicine as much either, because it’s non-allergenic. They’ll love that they can go out and play even after a harsh storm because of its exceedingly high drain rate. It’s perfect for everyone.


Enjoying life is all about having peace of mind, and we’re here to give you some here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. Do what you want with your free time. Relax in the backyard with kid- and pet-friendly synthetic grass and playground surfaces or practice your short game with a customized putting green. Prepare your yard and your life for the summer of which you’ve been dreaming…one where you are relaxing and playing with the family instead of constantly mowing, trimming, or watering the lawn. Call us today at 330.639.1564 to get on the schedule or visit our website for more information!


SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

4855 Hills & Dales Rd. NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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