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Stay Sane with Custom Indoor Putting Greens & Home Gym Flooring from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

How active are you throughout the winter? Do you want to make a space in your home where you can work out and not gain winter pounds like you do every year? We can help you survive winter with home gym flooring from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. Our abilities to help you don’t stop there. We also install custom indoor putting greens so that you can surprise your golf friends in the spring with a better handicap than the one with which you went into fall.


Providing you with mental health benefits that allow you to make it through the dark, cold days of winter is our specialty, whether you want an indoor putting green installed in your man cave, a portable putting mat that you can unroll in your office or living room, or home gym flooring that absorbs impacts to keep your joints from aching constantly.


A way to improve your workout…


Not everyone loves to work out, but we are here to make you love it more. Whether you own a commercial gym and want to attract customers with the best features, or you want a special space in which you can keep your weights and other equipment, we have designed various artificial turf products with you in mind. The SpeedTurf™ features low friction with no infill and a 5mm foam backing pad devised to prevent common athletic injuries by absorbing the energy from impacts.


It's composed of a low pile blended polyethylene and nylon that provides a less abrasive surface than solely using nylon. It doesn’t matter what kind of agility, speed, or weight training you are doing; our artificial turf accommodates you with a surface that allows objects to slide with ease.


Whether you prefer aerobics or cross-training, the one thing that you can be sure of is that you’ll get a better workout with less muscle fatigue when you invest in SpeedTurf™. Are you prone to shin splints or lower back fatigue? The built-in shock absorbency helps you avoid that, too!


A way to improve your short game…


Are you a swinger that misses the open air of the fairways and hanging out with friends on the golf course in the nicer weather? We can help you stay active, while improving your short game, by installing an indoor putting green. Each project is unique, since we customize each green to the preferred area regardless of it having hills, valleys, or curves.


We excel at ensuring that your custom green performs like professional courses. We worked with Dave Pelz to test and develop our greens to be as close to a natural golf course putting green as possible.  You can get rid of the winter doldrums by practicing your short game without even leaving the house. It will at least tide you over until you can get out there when the weather breaks in the spring.

If you don’t have a space that you can commit to a green but love the idea of being able to practice your putting anytime you want, we have portable golf greens and fairway mats. It’s perfect for all skill levels, allowing for putting, chipping, and wedge shots anywhere you have a hard surface. Want to entertain clients at the office, but it’s snowing out? We got you. Want to teach your kids how to play golf? We got you. Just like our installed greens, our mats offer consistent ball rolls, distance control feedback, and ideal ball lie conditions. They are perfect indoors or out with their highly durable backing and UV protection so that they don’t fade.


Hibernating over the winter is preferable to being out in the cold for most people, and we can make being inside more enjoyable here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. You don’t have to stare at the same four walls unless you’re in between putts or counting down until you’re done with your reps in your home gym. Our artificial turf helps you remain sane throughout the long winter in the form of custom indoor putting greens and home gym flooring.


SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

4855 Hills & Dales Rd. NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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