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Practice Your Short Game with Custom Indoor Putting Greens or Portable Mats from SYNLawn

Are you already getting antsy, and the holidays aren’t even here yet? Is your family calling you a child, because you act like you miss your toys when you can’t go outside too much? The golf course is calling your name, but it’s too cold and the greens are too wet to play. What are you going to do for the next few months! We have the perfect solution for you here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio with our custom indoor putting green installation and portable putting mats.

How close to realistic are the putting greens?

You’ll feel like you’re a pro golfer on Pebble Beach. That’s how great our custom indoor and outdoor putting green are. Surviving winters is no joke when Mother Nature is keeping you indoors. We can help you make the most of even the worst weather by helping you create a place where you can feel like you’re standing in the middle of the smoothest green at the end of a beautiful fairway. Close your eyes right before you swing and imagine your friends making sarcastic comments at how long it’s taking you to adjust your stance and grip. That’s how realistic our putting greens are.

We accommodate each custom installation to the space that you have available. If you want it in the corner of the family room at an angle, we can do that. We can also install a sprawling green in your basement man cave. Your friends will be amazed that our turf replicates the natural slow-down features and consistent ball roll of your favorite well-maintained course.

Do you ever wonder if you’re the only one that misses par in the last 125 yards of the hole? You are in good company with nearly 80% of golfers. Here at SYNLawn, we can make that problem a thing of the past and lower your handicap by giving you the means to practice your short game all winter long.

You want portable putting green options?

Not everyone wants to have to go to the basement or man cave to practice their short game. They know that the rest of the family may not want to be subject to their putting green 24/7 and that it might not fit the décor of the home that your wife so carefully decorated. You also might want to be able to entertain clients. Having a putting green is still fully possible with portable practice golf mats. It offers the convenience of golfing whenever and wherever you want. Take it out of the closet and you’re putting in seconds or throw it in the car and roll it out on your lunch break at the office.

Are you having a party and want to show the guys your new stance? Are you having an important meeting at the office and want to relax afterwards with the feel of the golf club in your hands? Our mats are constructed from nylon, offering the most realistic putting practice. They’re stain-resistant, color fast, and durable with UV-stabilized material so that it can withstand the sunshine when you want to use it outside. You don’t have to worry about it sliding either with its non-skid backing. We have a variety of sizes that can fit your lifestyle, or it can be the perfect gift for a loved one this holiday season.

Surprise all your friends next spring by coming out of winter with a new handicap and a drastically improved short game by calling us here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for either custom indoor putting green installation or portable practice putting mats. Call us at 330.639.1564 to get on the schedule!

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

4855 Hills & Dales Rd. NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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