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Keep your kids safe with SYNLawn’s artificial playground surfaces that absorb the impact from falls

School is almost out, bringing an air of anticipation to your home. Your first grader loves seeing their friends, and your third grader loves doing homework, but they love summer even more. They look forward to frolicking in the backyard on the playset you just put together last weekend. 70% of injuries from a playset in your backyard account for around 23% of play equipment injuries treated in hospitals, and we have surfaces that help them stay safe here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio.

Even though they are in their own backyard, they are not free from the effects of falling and breaking bones or having head injuries. If you want one of the best ways to keep your kids and their friends safe while playing in your backyard, we have the solution for you with a wide selection of artificial turf specifically designed to absorb impact when they fall. It’s also anti-allergenic, pest resistant, and won’t stain their clothing green, like grass will. We can help you keep your kids safe with a padded playground surface.

How do playground surfaces work?

When you’re looking for a kid-friendly play surface from artificial turf that allows them to just be kids, you can rely on SYNLawn’s Play Premium or Play Platinum to keep them safe. The consistency of the former helps eliminate common injuries that kids sustain while they play outdoors. They also feature built-in Super Yarn® Technology that helps it keep its natural appearance with features that include being heat-reflective, anti-static, non-abrasive, and Sanitized®.

It boasts a back designed with Fall Pad™ Technology with shock attenuation properties and excellent resiliency. It won’t be displaced in high traffic areas so there is nothing more to do with it once it’s installed. In time, you can even replace only the areas that have deteriorated. That’s the glory of our Tramplezone™ packages…that you can have smaller areas replaced instead of the entire playground where constant running between the equipment has caused premature wear.

The latter is the safest grass surface for playgrounds even in high traffic areas and offers all the benefits of Super Yarn® technology. We have built into it safety standards that reduce commercial and residential playground injuries, including IPEMA certified to protect them from falls of up to 10 feet and ASTM Class A Fire Rating. Heat shield technology prevents the surface from becoming too hot, so kids can play any time. They can even go outside right after a storm with its 300 inches per hour drain rate. The highest recorded rainfall in history doesn’t even come near that.

Who can use artificial grass playground surfaces?

Everyone! It doesn’t matter if you are often home and want to improve your child’s physical agility while giving them a great way to have fun, or you run a daycare and want a surface on the playground that keeps your kids from major injuries. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio provides an exclusive plant-based EnviroLoc+™ backing system that uses up to 60% renewable soybeans instead of petroleum based polyol. You will also have peace of mind knowing that we have used Sanitized® antimicrobial with StatBlock™ Anti-Static and DualChill™ thermal Shield Technologies so that there is no risk of static or temperature issues while playing.

Regardless if you’re having artificial turf installed at home or commercially, you’ll love that it’s low maintenance and has UV stabilized color-fast yarns so that it resists fading while sitting in the sun all day. It stays bright and natural looking. If you have pets or run a dog park, you’ll love that it’s also extremely pet-friendly. You won’t have to worry about brown urine spots or holes where they dig, because it’s so resilient. We have pet odor options and safe, clean, high-performance infill to make it the best product possible.

One of the best things is that they come in different colors! You can have your school colors, colors of your favorite sports team, or even the logo on the playground.

There is no better time to call us here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio to make sure that your kids have the best summer ever. They’ll be happy that they can go out anytime they want to play. You’ll make so many memories as they grow, and SYNLawn can ensure that they are all happy ones when thinking about the playset you put up when they were little. You’ll have less laundry since it won’t stain their pants when they fall, and it’s so safe that they’ll get up and walk off most falls. Have a great summer and many years to come with the safest playground surfaces on the market.

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