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Improve Outdoor Areas with Pour-In-Place Rubber, Padded Playground Surfaces & Artificial Turf

The kids are back in school, and families are focusing on establishing their winter routines. Visitors to entertainment facilities decrease dramatically as the summer nears an end, so it’s the perfect time to perform maintenance, repair, and upgrades to flooring and other areas that have suffered from normal wear and tear.

You feel like there’s got to be a better way of maintaining high traffic areas every year instead of having to spend all that money on floors that will rapidly deteriorate. We have multiple solutions for you here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio with our artificial turf, padded playground surfaces, and SYNPour™ Poured-in-Place (PIP) rubber systems. We install resilient indoor and outdoor surfaces to provide safety without maintenance costs.

What is PIP?

Poured-in-Place (PIP) rubber is highly appealing whether you need a surface solution to improve the safety of your play area or want to reduce the impact on joints during athletic training. You can do all this along with a vibrant aesthetic! PIP is available in numerous colors and creates a seamless surface for indoor and outdoor use. We accommodate any space and layout of land or building as we customize it to fit any shape or sized area. The designs are only limited by your imagination. Want team logos? We can do that! Want sea creatures for the playground? We can do that, too!

PIP is poured on-site and is designed to minimize the severity of head injuries when children inevitably fall from playground equipment. On an athletic field, it reduces the long-term negative effects on knees and ankles by absorbing the effects of an impact during landing, allowing you to reduce costs while increasing safety. PIP has become a popular option for community centers, training facilities, school, universities, and in so many more applications.

What’s the ideal playground solution?

When you plan on installing a playground on your museum grounds or childcare facility, nothing is more important than safety. You want children to have fun, but you also want to protect them from common mishaps, such as falls. You select the perfect play equipment, so you should pick the perfect playground surface.

We can help prevent head injuries from falls at a distance as high as 10 feet under the accordance with IPEMA standards, but we also don’t want them to suffer from scraped knees and elbows. Our synthetic surfaces are non-abrasive, non-allergenic, pest-resistant, and have an exceptional drain rate, meaning they can be played on immediately after even the hardest rain. They also have replaceable TrampleZones so that the entire area doesn’t need torn up if there is a problem area that sustained damage from high traffic. We only have to replace the small, affected sections.

How can my restaurant patio be more appealing?

With fall fast approaching, not many people will want to eat outside when the temperatures start to drop. Most venues close their patios down in the winter. When that time comes, you can make all the upgrades you’ve been dreaming of. You would love to have lush green grass underneath your tables on the patio but are aware of how the tables and chairs will kill it and how much maintenance it would need.

Synthetic grass is the way to add beauty to your patio without all the maintenance involved. Artificial turf that is meant to last in high traffic areas has a rapid drain rate so that people can sit outside even after a storm. It’s the perfect beautiful and practical solution.

Creating an area for kids to play or athletes to train isn’t just about making a design that’s usable. It’s also about the safety of the user and the cost to you. When you want a company who has been helping Northeast Ohio reap the benefits of a wide variety of synthetic grass applications, you don’t need to look any further than SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. Call 330.639.1564 today or visit our website for more information!

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

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