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How can SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio help you transform your lawn into a pet-friendly oasis?

April showers are bringing May flowers for pet owners everywhere, and it might get a little messy! A backyard covered in mud may be a dog’s dream come true, but any puppy parent knows that muddy paw prints on a light carpet is going to be a bad time. How many baths can you give their furry friend before you start to look for better alternatives? Depends on how much dog shampoo you own.

Once the bubble bath goes, pet owners can find the answer to their problem right here at SYNLawn of NE Ohio. As North America’s largest manufacturer of artificial turf, SYNLawn manufactures and installs high quality synthetic grass that creates the perfect landscaping solution for pet owners. Days of wiping muddy paw pads are in the past for those smart enough to make this switch. If you want to give your pet the perfect, worry-free place to prance and play, you can trust that SYNLawn’s Pet Turf System is personalized for both you and your pet to maximize premium play space and safety.

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How to save you and your furbaby from fleas and ticks.

The switch from winter to spring is certainly a messy one, and most dog owners can attest to this. With rain showers almost constant and drastic ups and downs in temperatures, the outdoor space can be filled with mud and bugs and anything else waiting to grip to the nearest fur coat. Do you really want to spend all your waking hours wrestling your pet into the bathtub yet again?

SYNLawn of NE Ohio lets you as a pet owner to take control of your yard to create a safe and fun place for your furry friends. This reputable synthetic turf company’s Pet Premium artificial grass boasts durability, superior drainage, and easy-to-clean material.

Pet Platinum artificial grass, however, is just a step above the premium option, as it announces its best seller status. Made to withstand play from pets of all different shapes and sizes, this synthetic turf is built for maximum drainage to make clean-up easier than ever. Changing a high-maintenance backyard into a perfect pet playing oasis eliminates uneven brown spots, holes created by dogs that love to dig, and other common issues you may face with a natural yard.

How to keep the mud away regardless of the weather!

When it comes to keeping your pet happy and safe, owners will spare no expense. Catering to the personalized needs of every customer, even the furry ones, SYNLawn of NE Ohio opens the door to a spring and summer of safe and fun outdoor time.

Regardless of the weather, rain or shine, this artificial turf keeps the dirt and mud off one’s furry friend, meaning no more muddy paw prints all over the house. Rambunctious and hard to train pets who dig holes all over the yard and fling dirt this way and that can now be contained with synthetic grass that cannot be ripped apart.

Bright green all year, regardless of sweltering summer heat or bitter cold winter, pet-friendly synthetic turf can help keep away any seasonal pests. SYNLawn also offers an extra installation upgrade that acts as a security system against invasive animals. SYNLawn will do anything to help you keep your pets safe, happy, and healthy!

With spring plowing ahead full force, as a pet owner, you need to start thinking about what you can do to get your backyard ready for summer. With the ease of having an artificial lawn, you don’t need to worry about mowing, watering, or trimming your grass. You can save time on outdoor lawn maintenance, or money on water and electricity, all while providing a safe and fun environment for your pets. Practical for maintaining, beautiful year-round, and safe for animals, the artificial turf at SYNLawn of NE Ohio has been making a positive impression on pet owners for generations.

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

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Canton, Ohio 44708



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