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How can SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio help you prepare your home for spring?

It may not feel like it, but spring is right around the corner. We have turned the clocks forward, which is a catalyst for your mind to compile a list of what needs done to prepare your home for warmer weather. It hasn’t been dry outside for months, so you may be wondering how to best keep furbaby paws and children’s feet from dragging mud throughout the house.

Here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio, we have the solution for you with a wide selection of artificial turf. We have a wide selection of varieties with properties that are suitable for different applications whether it’s for a playground or a pet-friendly yard. We not only help create a cozy and creative outdoor living area for weekend entertaining or relaxing on a warm summer evening, but we also have non-abrasive, non-allergenic, padded playground surfaces, pet-friendly turf that won’t turn brown with urine, and backyard putting greens.

For synthetic turf with a vast array of applications, SYNLawn has the knowledge and experience to make anyone fall back in love with their home. Call today!

How does SYNLawn synthetic grass make it easier to prepare your yard for spring?

All the snow has melted, the days are getting longer, and you are staring at the yard in dread. Years of experience means you realize the amount of work involved in cleaning it up after the mess it became over the winter months. Branches everywhere, the grass is brown, and there are patches where it has died and needs seeded and fertilized. You walk away saving that worry for another day.

We can make it more pleasant for you to walk outside when the weather begins to improve. When you have SYNLawn’s synthetic grass installed, you will no longer gaze at your lawn in horror in the spring. You may have to remove the debris that has collected under months of snow, but you won’t have to dewinterize and put fuel in all the lawn equipment.

You are getting not only the best artificial turf when you call us at SYNLawn, you also receive the most comprehensive customer service. We customize each project by analyzing the terrain of your land and your family’s needs. We then design a custom landscape that will perfectly suit your lifestyle.

How do you prevent all the spring mud?

With synthetic turf, your lawn is waiting for you as soon as you are ready to enjoy it. One of the things that you may like the least is all the mud that you expect every spring. This is especially true if you have dogs and kids. Kids may learn to take off their shoes when they walk in the house after jumping in puddles on the way home from an afternoon at their friend’s house, but your dogs never learn.

Our artificial lawns have a drain rate of 30-inches per hour. This means that you’re your dogs and kids can go outside as soon as the rain stops.

How do you maintain an artificial lawn?

The bottom line is that you really don’t have to at all! Think of all the things that you can do instead of picking up the hose and watering the lawn during the dry months of summer. You can also consider the money that you will save when you don’t use all that water. You also won’t be using all the fuel on lawn mowers, weed wackers, edgers, and any other equipment that has become obsolete with your new low-maintenance lawn.

Is synthetic grass good for the environment?

We understand that you want to lessen the carbon footprint that you leave behind, and we feel the same. SYNLawn’s artificial grass is constructed from recycled materials and has a backing that consists of renewable resources, such as soybean oil, that make it greener. It’s even 100% recyclable!

That’s only during production. We also help you feel better about owning it as you reduce water usage. A great deal of homeowners have stated that they saved over 70% on their monthly water bills.

Know what else you won’t need with a synthetic lawn? You won’t need to fertilize it. It’s even resistant to common pests, such as termites, ticks, and fleas. That’s even more money saved on flea and tick medicine.

The list of benefits continues to grow as you look further into the idea of replacing your lawn with the natural look and feel of artificial grass. Here at SYNLawn, you will love the expertise and the knowledge that we bring to every job. We love facing any challenge you can throw our way. Your landscaping is only limited by your imagination. We have been involved in creativity that includes surfaces for roof decks, patios, playgrounds, decks, and any other space that you want to be cozy and functional all at once. For custom landscaping that provides years of comfort, call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio today to get on the schedule.

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