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How can a combination of pavers and synthetic grass upgrade your outdoor living space?

Are the rising temperatures making you crave the feel of the warm sunshine on your skin? If spring is motivating you to go outside and upgrade your landscaping, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio is here to help you do just that. Whether you want a simple, low-maintenance backyard or a unique lawn that can withstand heavy foot traffic, we have a wide selection of artificial grass options from which you can choose. One of the most durable choices you can make as a homeowner to improve your outdoor living space is to install pavers for walkways, patios, pool decks, and more. With the combination of synthetic grass from SYNLawn and pavers, you could not have a more robust, low-maintenance lawn.

What are the best uses for pavers if you want a functional aesthetic?

Pavers come in various materials, shapes, colors, and designs so that you can pick the one that best suits your lifestyle. They are slabs composed of materials that include brick, concrete, flagstone, travertine, cobblestone, and more. They are available in interlocking designs, or you can lay them as separate slabs. Their color choices include beige, brown, gray, red, slate, tan, and so many more. The use of the combination of pavers and artificial turf is only as limited as your imagination. Some ideas include:

· You can create a courtyard by laying pavers to border a large patch.

· Drawing attention to a great view is easy by creating a beautiful pathway leading to it.

· Perhaps you have a large yard and only need some of it to be grass. SYNLawn can supply the natural feel of grass while pavers make up the rest of the yard. There will be no picking weeds between these pavers.

· Oversized stepping stones surrounded by lush artificial grass make a backyard pop.

How can synthetic grass and pavers be used together?

Everyone wants to have landscaping that makes them want to spend time enjoying its beauty; however, it takes a great deal of time out of the week. You must spend hours mowing, watering, weeding, aerating, and fertilizing grass to keep it lush. You can avoid missing those beautiful moments with your family on the precious weekends when you install one of the varieties of outdoor surfaces that SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio has to offer. Consider the birdbath that you love outside and trimming the grass around it. One idea is to place hexagon-shaped pavers around it, further decorated with artificial grass. You will save yourself the dreaded trimming and all the time you could be spending with your children. It may look and feel like natural grass, but it’s synthetic turf from SYNLawn.

What are the benefits of artificial grass?

So, why would you have SYNLawn install artificial turf for you? The benefits go far beyond saving time.

· Enhance curb appeal since it will always be green.

· Avoid brown spots from pet urine or lack of watering.

· Lower water bills - You can save as much as 70% on your monthly water bill.

· Reducing your carbon footprint is eco-friendly, made from recycled materials and renewable resources, like soybean oil.

· Customizable landscaping – we offer cushioned playground surfaces, pet-friendly that prevents holes when dogs like to dig, and increased hygiene.

· High drainage rate so kids and dogs can go out and play even immediately after heavy rain or when snow is melting.

· Prevent the spread of fleas and ticks.

· Cushioned surface for under playground areas that meet IPEMA all attenuation.

· Non-allergenic and non-abrasive material.

You can add dimension to any outdoor landscape with minimal upkeep and an industry-leading warranty from SYNLawn. We love to be creative, implement your ideas on dramatic backyard designs, and always put your satisfaction first. We will even give your lawn a quick refresh if it ever needs it. You lead a busy life, and we want to help give you more time to enjoy the company of your family and friends. Our artificial grass checks all the boxes by keeping you safe while being beautiful, lush, and functional. Call SYNLawn of Northeast at 330.639.1564 to get on the schedule!

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