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Homeowners in Lisbon, Ohio, Needing Backyard Replacements Trust SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for Pet-Fr

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

With snow and ice covering everything during this wintry time of year, many homeowners are anticipating the hard work ahead when the snow thaws. With the necessity of preparing one’s home for spring also comes having to mow, trim, water, feed, edge, aerate, and scoop dog poo from the lawn. Individuals from Pepper Pike, Ohio, to Bolivar, Ohio, who are interested in decreasing their environmental impact and not exposing their family to harmful chemicals that come from treating their lawn can trust SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for ways to improve their backyard.

This Synthetic Turf certified installer offers a vast array of synthetic alternatives to grass so that business and homeowners alike can appreciate the benefits of commercial and residential artificial grass. Whether someone in Orrville, Ohio, is looking for a backyard replacement to accommodate their need for a pet-friendly lawn or another in Lisbon, Ohio, would like artificial grass for pets, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio can make the seemingly unattainable dream of a low-maintenance lawn a reality.

Homeowners from Bolivar to Orrville cannot avoid having to unload the dishwasher, and self-sweeping floors don’t exist; however, it is possible to have a low-maintenance lawn to have one less thing to worry about. This is especially true for anyone who lovingly cares for their fur babies. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio has installed many backyard replacements for individuals who are looking for alternatives to grass that are pet-friendly lawns.

This Synthetic Turf certified installer’s Pet System considers the number of animals, the size of the animal and the landscape area or dog run, the time pets spend in the area, and security measures for destructive dogs. There will be no more brown spots or holes to fill if there is a digger in the mix, and with a drain rate of 30-inches per hour, there will be no more muddy paws treading all over the carpet. Odors caused by the ammonia in in pet waste are also 80% controlled with organic zeolite crystals. Additionally, this artificial grass for pets can help keep moles and gophers permanently out of the yard.

When first owning a new home, owners often find lawn maintenance to be enjoyable, but it doesn’t take long to simply become another dreaded household chore. When lawn caretakers from Lisbon to Pepper Pike are considering ways to improve their backyards when they are preparing their homes for spring, they can rely on SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio to thoroughly explain the benefits of artificial grass.

This Synthetic Turf certified installer provides a variety of commercial and residential synthetic grass products that can help implement the dreams that people develop over years of living in their homes — including indoor and outdoor custom putting greens, playground flooring with impact resistance, shock-absorbing gym flooring, aesthetic rooftop gardens, and so much more. Call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio (330.492.8733) today to turn any outdoor design into reality!

Natural lawns are the standard across America; however, the appeal of a low-maintenance lawn has homeowners from Orrville, Ohio, to Pepper Pike, Ohio, searching to save money with alternatives to grass. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio provides the benefits of artificial grass when clients are looking for ways to improve their backyards. Whether a family in Lisbon, Ohio, wants artificial grass for pets for a pet-friendly lawn or another in Bolivar, Ohio, is considering preparing their home for spring without all the typical yard work, this Synthetic Turf certified installer has a wide selection of backyard replacements. Everyone looking for commercial and residential artificial grass can call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio today to satisfy all their needs, while reducing their footprint.



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