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Award-Winning SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio Helps Beachwood Beat Cabin Fever With Pet Turf at Barkwood D

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

It’s the time of year when many individuals from Cleveland, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, are sick of staring at the same four walls. Whether it just rained, the snow is melting, or it’s sunny, residents of Beachwood, Ohio, can beat cabin fever by taking advantage of the community’s new super clean, environmentally friendly Barkwood dog park. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio determined that their pet-friendly synthetic grass was the perfect alternative to grass that could deliver a vast array of benefits that only pet turf can provide.

Designing an award-winning dog park takes careful consideration with its need for frequent cleaning, as well as the fact that they receive more wear and tear than a backyard. This Synthetic Turf certified installer not only installs commercial artificial grass that endures heavy foot traffic, but they also help prepare homes for spring with residential artificial grass for pets. This low-maintenance artificial turf removes the need for watering and constant mowing, saving time for more important things in life. Whether a dog lover wants to socialize their dogs or a homeowner wants to prevent brown spots in their yard, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio provides the highest quality pet grass products.

synthetic grass so that they could offer a spacious new dog park that was clean and low maintenance. Barkwood has come to full realization and has many pet lovers ecstatic. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio helped the city of Beachwood with a 20,000 square foot place for dogs and their owners to socialize any time of year with their commercial artificial grass that allows all dogs to frolic. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio won the “Outstanding Sales Achievement” for “Best Design in Pet Application” award at the annual SYNLawn Conference for such a creative and extensive project. Barkwood boasts two separate spaces to accommodate small and large dogs and offers many benefits that can be found with artificial grass.

This environmentally friendly dog park saves time and money since it doesn’t need watered, fertilized, or mowed. This feature also allows pets and humans to beat cabin fever in any weather and throughout the entire year with its amazing drainage that prevents muddy paws. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio goes above and beyond because its alternative to grass boasts a bio-based formula that substitutes up to 60% of the backing material with soybean-derived polyols. It also features an amazing drainage rate with a limestone base and concrete border for neat and dry edges. Acrylic coated Envirofill infill retains less heat than similar rubber crumb options, offering additional safety for the fur babies. This Synthetic Turf certified council installer not only provides high quality pet grass products for commercial purposes, but they also offer a wide selection of residential artificial grass for pets. They help homeowners in and around Cleveland prepare their homes for spring with pet turf that prevents brown spots from urine, holes from digging, and mud from the yard being tracked throughout the house. Communities in Ohio can rely on the expertise of SYNLawn to make them and their pets happy.

Whether someone in Beachwood, Ohio, needs to socialize their dog or another in Cleveland, Ohio, simply wants to be able to let their dog out without having mud on their floor and furniture, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio provides the highest quality pet grass products. This Synthetic Turf certified installer guarantees homeowners will love their options for low-maintenance commercial and residential artificial grass for pets. This pet-friendly synthetic grass offers impressive benefits — including the prevention of brown spots in a yard, a high drainage rate, and an environmentally friendly pet turf. Regardless if someone wants to beat cabin fever and visit the super clean Barkwood dog park or others in and around Akron, Ohio, are looking for an alternative to grass to prepare their home for the spring rain, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio is the only phone call they need to make! Call today to get on the schedule!



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