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SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio Prevents Muddy Lawns in Kent with Artificial Fescue Installation

By Fiona Vernon

April showers bring May flowers, but it also brings mud that kids and pets track through the house. Homeowners from Independence, Ohio, to Canal Fulton, Ohio, who want to prevent muddy lawns can rely on the experts at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for maintenance-free artificial Bluegrass and Fescue. People who consider natural versus artificial grass usually wonder about its look and feel but need not worry with modern technology creating a fantastic replication. This artificial grass company specializes in turf products for a vast array of applications for homes and businesses, from safe playground surfaces to fitness flooring. Homeowners from Twinsburg, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, who want to take advantage of the benefits of artificial grass will love the non-allergenic grass that improves their outdoor living space when they call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio at 330.639.1564 for synthetic grass installation.

The grass most used on lawns from Canal Fulton to Twinsburg are Fescue and Bluegrass, but homeowners are constantly looking for ways to prevent muddy lawns when the spring rains fall. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio offers realistic, non-allergenic artificial Bluegrass and Fescue. This artificial grass company realizes the struggle when the dog tracks mud in, or the kids want to play, but it just rained. They offer maintenance-free lawns that are pet-friendly and safe playground surfaces, which provide a superior drainage rate and are ready for play even immediately after a storm. Anyone debating the differences between natural versus artificial grass will love SYNBlue and SYNFescue because they are plant-based and environmentally friendly. They are backed by a lifetime warranty, the sun will not fade its bright color, and they stay approximately 20% cooler than similar products. People will not suffer from typical allergies with this grass alternative’s non-allergenic properties.

One of the many benefits of having SYNLawn install artificial grass to improve the outdoor living space of homeowners from Kent to Independence is that a yard remains beautiful even in the winter. SYNFescue offers luxury and value with its apple and field green-colored grass blades. This affordable, top-selling variety offers a resilient tan thatch for the perfect reproduction of luxurious natural grass. SYNBlue qualities include multi-colored grass blades that blend field green, apple, and tan for a superior natural appearance. Regardless of whether a fitness enthusiast wants fitness flooring or a soft feel between their toes as they walk around their yard, they will love artificial turf products installed by SYNLawn.

No one wants to worry about having to prevent mud from lawns from being dragged onto the furniture when the skies open up in the spring, and SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio has just the solution for homeowners from Twinsburg, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio. Whether a homeowner is searching for a safe playground surface for their backyard or is dreaming of a maintenance-free, non-allergenic lawn, this artificial grass company offers all the benefits of artificial grass. They carry a vast array of artificial turf products that will fit any application, even fitness flooring for homes and businesses. When anyone considers the pros and cons of natural versus artificial grass to improve their outdoor living space, they can count on the knowledgeable staff to answer all their questions about synthetic grass installation. From Kent, Ohio, to Canal Fulton, Ohio, homeowners looking for synthetic Fescue and Bluegrass installation can rely on the extensive experience of SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio to provide them with the benefits of artificial grass.

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

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