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SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio Installs Multi-Functional, Pet-Friendly Yards and Putting Greens

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

How much do you love being outside? Probably not as much as your pets love being out there but close. Wouldn’t you love a backyard that accommodates both of your wishes? You will love because your pet cannot dig, the urine won’t cause brown spots, and it never needs cut. On the other hand, your dog will love it because he can go out right after it rains and there is no mud, as well as the fact that your yard won’t harbor fleas that make him miserable. You can enjoy your backyard without having to put the maintenance into it, saving yourself hours of effort and bundles of money in fuel and equipment when you call us at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio.

You will just smile when you look outside from your back window and gaze upon your new artificial turf and realize that the days of mowing are long gone. Your smile will broaden when your eyes move to the right and fall upon the beautiful putting green that you love so much. You can walk outside in any weather and feel the natural ball roll as you try to improve your short game. To make it even better, your furry friend can be out there with you without the worry of him harming it! Call us at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio today to see what options we can offer you!

How can SYNLawn provide a yard that isn’t mu

Lawn maintenance is one of the most time-consuming things about owning a home, and many people wish there was a way to get out of it without paying exorbitant amounts of money to a lawncare company. Well … we have good news! At SYNLawn, we are here to make your life easier and more enjoyable. So, what are the benefits of having us install artificial grass in your backyard?

· Drain rate of 30 inches per hour, so you won’t have to worry about your pets dragging mud throughout the house during those messy spring days.

· Attractive all year because it doesn’t turn brown when the sun is too hot or it’s dying in the winter. It also won’t turn brown from your pet’s urine.

· Save money on water bills because it doesn’t need watered.

· Save money on gas and oil for trimmers and mowers because there is no maintenance needed.

· Pest resistant so can worry less about invasive termites or ticks and fleas on your pet.

If you think that your life would be more efficient with the installation of artificial turf, you will love the conveniences that SYNLawn can infuse into your life.

How can we help you create a beautiful backyard that’s also functional?

You may feel like you could use a little extra practice on your short game over the winter. Wouldn’t it be awesome to come back in the spring by surprising your golf buddies with a show of great improvement? They will be amazed that you have dropped your handicap to a number that they have never witnessed from your game. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio can help you achieve this goal with a custom artificial putting green so realistic that your results transfer to the golf course.

We have partnered with Dave Pelz and Tom Watson so that we can offer synthetic golf greens that absorb the ball’s energy in same manner as a traditional golf course, resulting in the most realistic artificial green in the industry. Research shows that 80% of lost shots occur within a mere 125 yards of the hole. This means that investing in a green for your home that replicates consistent ball rolls and natural slow downs you find out on the courses will allow you the convenience of practicing any time you want.

We not only design and create outdoor putting greens that won’t be damaged with the presence of your pet, but we also infuse the same talent into an indoor putting green for your garage, basement, living room, or man cave. We fit it to whatever space you have available and customize it based on the issues specific to you that need improvement.

If you feel that you aren’t ready for something more on the permanent side, maybe you would prefer a portable practice mat. We stock a variety of sizes that feature a non-skid backing that will not slide and UV-stabilized material that won’t fade or stain. It also allows you to practice whenever you feel the urge, because you will never have to worry about the weather.

Anyone can call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio when they want something that both you and your fur baby will enjoy. Your baby can go into the backyard with you and check the perimeter while you go out to prepare your spring golf game. From portable mats to permanent putting greens, as well as pet-friendly synthetic grass that prevents messes in the house, SYNLawn prides themselves in making your life more efficient and cost-effective.

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

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