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SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio Helps Twinsburg Practice Their Short Game with Custom Putting Greens

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

By Fiona Vernon

Golf enthusiasts have a hard time surviving the winter without their beloved sport; however, it’s been an even longer break from the course with businesses closing due to the pandemic. Homeowners who had SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio install either an outdoor or indoor putting green will be one step ahead of their golf buddies, since they were able to practice their short game at home. This Synthetic Turf certified installer worked with Dave Pelz to develop amazing portable putting mats that help to dramatically improve every golfer’s short game. Whether someone is looking for synthetic turf for a custom putting green that absorbs the ball’s energy like natural grass or another is interested in a realistic backyard putting green designed specifically for their specific layout, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio specializes in the best artificial grass products for any project.

Some of the greatest minds in golf history, Tom Watson and Dave Pelz, have partnered with SYNLawn to create synthetic golf turf that absorbs the energy of the ball. It was designed to replicate the exact action on the golf course so that someone practicing their short game at home can transfer what they have learned into reality. Swingers will find that when they trust this Synthetic Turf certified installer for a custom putting green, they get a consistent ball roll and natural slow-down characteristic as if they were going to look up from the ball and see the next group of guys coming over the hill. Every project is customized to fit the client’s specific skill level and the shape of any yard or room into which it’s intended. Backyard putting greens are perfect during spring, summer, and fall and for any age. Anyone who is out on the course and can’t hold up the next group but found a glitch in their putt can go home and work on improving their short game as long they want.

Not only can avid golfers rely on the artificial grass products of SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for indoor and outdoor putting greens, but they can also count on them for portable putting mats with the same high standards. Golf practice mats are stain-resistant and color fast. They have a non-skid backing so that they stay in place on even the most slippery floors. Additionally, they are composed of UV stabilized materials so that they can withstand the sun’s rays when used outdoors. SYNLawn provides innovative solutions for not only recreational purposes, but they also offer products to make areas low-maintenance and safer for pets and children, from backyards and playgrounds to rooftops and gyms. They can get as creative as any patron allows with their infinite ideas for designs.

Going out to golf is something that those look forward to all year. The urge doesn’t stop just because something hinders their ability to go to the course. Those who feel like they are stuck in golf limbo can improve their short game and practice at home with indoor or outdoor putting greens and portable putting mats from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. This Synthetic Turf certified installer worked with two of the greatest golfers of all time to help them excel at designs and a variety of artificial grass products that will provide the atmosphere of being outside on a warm, summer day at the golf course. The curve of the ball and the slow down motion match any good green. Anyone can be light years ahead of their golfing buddies with a lower handicap when they commission SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio with the best synthetic turf turned into a custom, backyard putting green. Call today!

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