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SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio Helps Prepare Homes for Spring with Pet-Friendly Alternatives to Grass

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Pets make life more bearable with snuggles and unconditional love; however, taking care of them occasionally requires excessive effort.  Their urine and digging habits can ruin lawns, and they may drag mud throughout the house when the spring rains drench the soil of yards from Cleveland, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio is here with ways to improve the aesthetics of backyards by installing low-maintenance lawns. This Synthetic Turf certified installer in Canton, Ohio, provides commercial and residential artificial grass for pets that eliminates brown spots, digging, and urine odors in any backyard or facility. Even though it’s hard to imagine the need in the cold weather, pet-friendly grass is an alternative to grass that feels natural but boasts HeatBlock™ technology to keep paws cool. Additionally, the Sanitized® technology accommodates homes with pets and children sharing space. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio helps everyone prepare their home for spring with the benefits of artificial grass.

When individuals are making a list on how to be the most efficient while preparing their home for spring, most of the work involves the outdoors. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio can help homeowners from Akron to Canton avoid typical issues with their low-maintenance lawns. This Synthetic Turf certified installer caters to the needs of their customers based on specifications such as the size of the animal, the number of animals, the time the pets spend in the area, security measures for destructive dogs, the size of the area or run, and the personal preference of products to suit the landscape. Dogs that love to spend time outside no matter the temperature tend to find ways to destroy a yard. One of the ways to improve a backyard is to eliminate digging, which can be done with SYNLawn Pet Platinum. It is constructed of Ultra-durable Super Yarn™, also eliminating brown spots and urine odors in the yard.

One of the most effective benefits of artificial grass for pets is its superior drainage. This alternative to natural grass not only feels soft to the touch, but it also keeps the dirt and mud from pets regardless of the weather. It prevents mud being tracked mud through a house with a drainage rate of 30-inces per hour, putting a stop to standing water. This synthetic pet-friendly commercial or residential grass also helps eliminate urine odors with the effect of organic zeolite crystals on the ammonia in pet waste. This feature also helps each backyard in Cleveland and beyond look amazing since there won’t be brown spots from waste. These low-maintenance lawns also easy to clean while creating an environment free from moles, gophers, fleas, ticks, and other pests.

Whether a rescue facility or veterinarian clinic in Canton, Ohio, wants an alternative to natural grass or a family in Cleveland, Ohio, is looking for ways to improve their backyard with low-maintenance options while they prepare their home for spring, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio offers realistic commercial and residential alternatives to natural grass. This Synthetic Turf certified installer offers the benefits of artificial grass for pets with technology that eliminates brown spots, urine odors, pests, and digging in any yard, as well as muddy paw prints all over furniture and flooring. Everyone in and around Akron, Ohio, in search of pet-friendly synthetic grass will love the excellent service and products they find with one phone call to the experts at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio.



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