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SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio Helps Golfers Improve Their Short Games with Indoor Putting Green

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

By Fiona Vernon

Winter can be torture for the golf enthusiast living in a region that experiences the four seasons, but it doesn’t have to be. Those who are interested in learning more about artificial golf turf as the perfect Christmas present for the golfer in their life will love the custom putting greens and portable practice mats they discover from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. Golf enthusiasts will be pleased to discover that the artificial grass from this Synthetic Turf certified installer can not only be used to construct a custom putting green, but also a variety of other surfaces for residential and commercial applications. Families who are considering an indoor or outdoor putting green for a loved one this holiday season are encouraged to contact us directly at 330.639.1564. Our award-winning experts are always happy to discuss how they can help a golf enthusiast improve their short game over the winter.

Linksmen who are in denial of the advancements that technology has allowed in regard to residential artificial grass will change their minds when they realize that the custom putting greens installed by SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio offer them the feel of natural grass. Two of the biggest names in golf, Dave Pelz and Tom Watson, have partnered with SYNLawn to design artificial golf turf that acts like natural grass by absorbing the ball’s energy. Wanting to help golfers improve their short game over the winter, we offer indoor and outdoor putting greens that allow individuals to stay sharp year-round. The practice greens mimic the consistent ball roll and natural slow-down that is found on a natural green.

The artificial golf turf available from SYNLawn gives golfers the opportunity to start honing their skills ahead of the competitors. SYNLawn’s artificial grass offers a clean, even playing field that imitates the appearance and texture of professional courses. With winter on the way, an indoor putting green can be customized to offer new challenges according to someone’s specific skill level. They will be thrilled when spring rolls around and they receive comments on how dramatically their technique has improved. Now is the time of year when people are thinking about the perfect Christmas present for their loved one who golfs. SYNLawn can help with options that include portable golf practice mats and putting greens. They are stain-resistant, color fast, UV-stabilized to be able to withstand the sun if used outdoors, and have non-skid backing for use even on slippery floors. They allow golfers who travel the ability to practice in their hotel room.

Golf enthusiasts from do not typically look forward to the winter because most golf courses close down. When the leaves fall, the temperatures drop, and the grass disappears under a blanket of snow, most of them count the days until they can get back out there. What they do not realize is that winter doesn’t have to bring an end to golf practice. Indoor and outdoor putting greens can offer the same experience as if out on the links, giving athletes the opportunity to improve their short game over the winter. Unlike the artificial grass of decades past, modern golf turf closely resembles natural grass in both look and feel. As a result, those who opt to call us for a custom putting green can practice even on the darkest days of winter. Everyone who wants the perfect Christmas present for a golfer can also call SYNLawn for portable golf practice mats and putting greens. Call 330.639.1564 today!

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

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