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Rely on Pour-In-Place (PIP) Rubber Surfacing from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio to Keep Your Kids Safe


u want to be outside more as spring rolls around and the temperatures improve, but the kids are old enough to get bored out there. If you have decided to get a playset to keep them active and take advantage of the fresh air, you must also consider the surface underneath it. You want it to be safe enough to protect them from falls. This goes for commercial areas, as well as in your own backyard.

Here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio, we have a variety of artificial turf options that are ideal for sports tracks and playgrounds regardless of size, shape, or purpose with SYNPour Pour-In-Place (PIP) Rubber Surfacing. It’s ideal for commercial playgrounds that cater to their clients’ needs while preserving its durability in high traffic areas; however, it will also offer an extremely low-maintenance option for parents that want their kids to spend time in their own backyard.

What is SYNPour?

It’s the perfect option for nearly any commercial and residential application with its one-component, solvent free, straight MDI polyurethane prepolymer that has enhanced Ultraviolet light stability. This means that it won’t degrade in the sunlight. Additionally, we have other products available that fit a variety of applications.

SYNPour can be poured indoors or outdoors and is ideal not only for playgrounds and sports training areas, but also paths, walkways, heavy traffic areas, complementing pavers and bricks, porches and patios, and athletic tracks. You can create areas with the colors of your city, school colors, or just your favorite colors if you’re applying it at home. It’s virtually maintenance free, saving you time and money.

The optimal playground surface…

If you wa

nt a customizable playground surface that comes in a wide array of colors, SYNPour is the ideal choice. It’s a pour-in-place rubber that creates a seamless design for the perfect play area both indoors and out. Do you have an area behind your church for vacation Bible school that needs updated? Do you have a Daycare Facility that would benefit from a safer playground surface? You can make customizable fun designs and shapes. How about having it poured in a dog or turtle shape, saying that the animal is watching over them to keep them safe or that they can go out and play with the turtle? It reduces the severity of head injuries from falls from playground equipment with its unitary, resilient surface.

Perhaps you want a walkway through your garden area that doesn’t wear down. We can create team logos or any design that appeals to you. It’s even wheelchair accessible, so it doesn’t limit anyone’s mobility. Cleaning it is easy and only requires the use of a regular nylon broom or mopping.

Have the best workout ever…

Do you like to vary your workout routine, doing a HIIT workout one day and weightlifting another? Finding the right surface for the variety of ways that you workout, whether you’re training for competitions or staying fit, can be difficult. SYNPour offers versatility and safety while providing an improvement in workout quality. It reduces the impacts that damage your joints and has become a popular choice for universities, schools, community centers, and cities. It allows them to save money on maintenance and equipment while improving the safety of its users. It helps that SYNPour is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible so that everyone can reap its benefits.

In conclusion, you can have personalized beauty and safety wherever you need it with the benefit of not having to put much thought into it after it’s installed when you rely on PIP surfacing. It requires so little maintenance that you’ll forget it’s there until your child falls and just gets up and walks it off. Maybe you’ve noticed that your knees aren’t hurting as bad since you’ve been running at the local college. You can thank PIP rubber surfacing for that. For the aesthetics and protection that you love, rely on SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for SYNPour Pour-In-Place Rubber Surfacing.

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

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