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How SYNLawn can help you use your roof as livable space!

Living within the limited confines of the space that a city allows can be challenging, especially when you want to have a gathering of friends or take your pets out to enjoy the fresh air. Here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio, we can help you maximize your available space by installing artificial grass on the rooftop.

We have methods to turn unused space into a functional area with artificial turf that is durable, beautiful, and feels natural to the touch. Our Roof Deck and Patio System is pet-friendly, kid-friendly, and UV-protected, helping you transform what was once a space beaten by the elements into an outdoor living area that will enhance the quality of your relaxation.

What are the advantages of a rooftop patio?

You love living in the city. You are close to everything, except open spaces and grassy areas. Why not have your own park-like area that you go to simply by climbing the steps? You can have this glorious convenience with the superior synthetic grass technology and installation we provide here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. Some of the benefits of creating your own cozy atmosphere on the rooftop above your home include:

· Never a need to stain or weatherproof it.

· Green grass always looks better than concrete.

· An increase in your casual living space or entertainment area.

· HeatBlock™ technology that reflects sunlight, keeping surfaces cooler.

· Pet-friendly area that drains well, resists odors, and prevents the spread of pests, like fleas and ticks.

· Little to no maintenance so saves on water bills and maintenance equipment costs.

· Fire-resistance with a Class 1 fire rating.

How about a rooftop garden?

You chose to live in the city; however, you aren’t limited to simply making your roof similar to the backyard that you lack. Here at SYNLawn, we can make the layout exactly what you have been envisioning with part of it being a lawn in which the kids can run around and play. It’s perfect to have your fur babies out there at the same time with the drain-rate and cleanliness that it offers. It won’t form urine spots, there’s no puddles in which mud can form, and they cannot dig holes in it. You will not find fleas, ticks, or other insects on our artificial turf either.

Yet another section can be reserved for the beauty that a garden provides. Some of the benefits of building a rooftop garden are that the plants convert CO2 emissions and produce oxygen for you to breathe. It can also reduce the ambient temperature in comparison to results of having concrete and metal, lowering energy costs. It will also reduce water runoff after the violent storms for which we are known in Northeast Ohio.

There is nothing bad about installing a rooftop lawn or garden except maybe that you will want to be up there all the time. Do you work from home? Imagine being able to take your cup of tea and laptop to the roof and sit under the umbrella while meeting deadlines. The kids can come home from school and run their energy out on the roof without worrying about constantly ensuring that they are staying in the yard. And the pets … that’s just a whole other layer of benefits. You can one make easy phone call to SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio to schedule a free estimate that will get you started on making your dreams come true and making your dream home exist right where you already live.

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

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