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How can SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio help you practice your golf game all year?

By Fiona Vernon

The sun is shining, and many people are thrilled with the arrival of summer. Golfers especially love that they can make a tee time whenever they want because the weather is so beautiful this time of year. You notice that your neighbor is always just a little bit ahead of you when you tee up your balls every spring, and you wish that you didn’t have to take a hiatus during the winter.

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio can help you practice your short game year-round when you have us install a custom putting green either in your backyard or your man cave. Your neighbor won’t even know what hit him after the following winter of putting practice. We have the perfect artificial turf to install for indoor or outdoor putting greens.

We specialize in synthetic grass engineered for a vast array of applications. Do you want to set up the perfect easy-to-clean area for your dogs to go outside where they won’t be able to dig? We have grass for that. Do you want padded playground turf to keep your kids safe? We have products for that, too! Here at SYNLawn, we can help you get one step closer to that ever-elusive hole-in-one.

What turf will work best for a custom putting green in your backyard?

Knowing that almost 80% of shots lost to par occur within 125 yards of the hole, our residential artificial putting green installation services allow you to practice any time you want. We customize each project to the space provided with turf replicating the same ball roll and natural slowdown on commercial course greens. We work with the best designers and engineers in the industry to create products that fit the applications for which they are used. We manufacture and install products for commercial facilities and your home.

Tee Strike is dense enough to support a standard golf tee and not grab the clubhead when you swing. It is constructed of one-inch-thick durable nylon that is exceptionally forgiving with excellent resiliency. Tee Strike is recommended for commercial driving ranges and country clubs, making a quick ROI. The colorfast fibers are stain-resistant, environmentally friendly with Enviroloc® backing system that contains 60% renewable soybeans instead of petroleum-based polyol, and remain vibrant.

A more economical commercial solution is SYNRange Pro, which was created for large areas, whether indoor or outdoor, such as driving ranges. The yarn is UV stabilized and delustered to reduce shimmer.

Precision Putt offers the most realistic experience when compared to professional golf courses. It is reliable in all climates and recommended for the intermediate to the advanced golfer who relies on consistent ball roll and accurate chip shots.

Classic Pitch is the next level down with maximum durability for chip shots. It is slightly taller and heavier for better ball roll and lasting endurance. It is dually effective to help improve your short game while being perfect for heavy foot traffic areas.

Both offer HeatBlock™ Technology so that you can walk on it even during the hottest hour of the day. It lowers rising temperatures by reflecting sunlight while being colorfast and stain-resistant. We don’t just install it and leave. Our professional installation includes landscape integration and precision seaming.

Can SYNLawn install an indoor putting green? Yes!

Think about that day you are on the course and miss the putt … AGAIN. It’s so frustrating, but you think that you have finally figured out what you are doing wrong. You are on the last hole and don’t have time to start another nine. Wouldn’t you like to be able to get home from the golf course, get an afternoon beverage, and walk to your very own indoor putting green? We can make that happen!

We fit any of the synthetic turfs especially designed for achieving a natural feel and consistent ball roll to the space that you have available.

Is there a portable practice green that I can take with me?

Maybe you don’t want to be confined to one room of your house when you want to practice. You want it out of sight when relaxing with the family or entertaining guests, but you don’t want to trudge to the basement when you want to use it. We have a wide selection of putting green mats in various sizes that have features allowing them to be used indoors or out. Many of them are designed and/or endorsed by Dave Pelz. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

· SYNLawn Fairway Mat

o Portable, 4x4, non-skid backing, stain-resistant, colorfast yarn, UV stabilized, 100% nylon construction that performs like natural grass.

· Portable Golf Green (5’x12’)

· Classic Fairway Mat (5’x5’)

· Portable Golf Green (3’x8’)

· Mega Fairway Mat (5’x5’ square)

· Dave Pelz Greenmaker™ in various sizes

Practice mats and portable golf putting greens allow you to practice anytime, anywhere, and in any weather. Indoor and outdoor backyard putting greens are no longer out of reach to the average homeowner in Northeast Ohio when they rely on the decades of service from SYNLawn. You can get one step ahead of your competition and be ready to play as soon as the season starts when you take all winter or rainy days in the spring, summer, and fall to practice your short game. We will help you up your game and putt like a pro.

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

4855 Hills & Dales Rd. NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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