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Call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for Safe Playground and Athletic Surfaces in Various Designs & Colors

We know that bids have been made and renovation projects have begun for the summer, but you may have last-minute ideas you want incorporated and need a contractor that can help you upgrade your playground or athletic area. You may know us here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio as specialists in custom landscaping; however, we are also adept at customizable commercial playground solutions with our SYNPour ™ Poured-In-Place (PIP) systems.


Whether you manage an athletic field or simply need a resilient commercial surface in a high-traffic area, we have exactly what you need to make your site safer, wheelchair accessible, and ADA compliant.  You can even choose your colors, design, and style.


How does PIP make play areas and athletic areas safer?


SYNPour™ Poured-In-Place Systems provides a resilient, singular surface that is mixed on site. It’s seamless and made of rubber and has been proven to reduce the potential severity of head injuries from falls, while reducing the impact on an athlete’s joints when they are training. It absorbs the shock on your knees and ankles when you land.


It has become extremely popular at universities, municipalities, communities, and schools looking to increase their level of safety. Additionally, it can help you reduce costs because of how easy it is to maintain, essentially keeping it clear of debris and avoiding cleaning solvents. It’s also important to keep sharp objects that could form holes away from the surface. Repairing any small holes that do occur will help prevent them from becoming bigger and deeper.


How can PIP improve my aesthetic?


Not only can PIP keep kids and athletes safe; it’s also completely customizable. You can choose from an impressive number of colors, forms, and designs. Do you want your school’s logo in the middle of the playground? We can do that. Would you like all the flooring underneath the play equipment to be a mix of the district’s colors? We can do that, too. We can apply the surface you need both inside and outside and pour it to fit any size and shape space.


Where can PIP be used?

Perhaps you are a museum who provides an outdoor play area for the kids. SYNPour™ is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible, making every area available to every visitor. It’s not only perfect for community play areas, but also for school playgrounds. It reduces the severity of head injuries, which occur from falling from equipment. It absorbs the shock from impacts, which also means that it lessens the damage joints incur from jumping.


It's so low maintenance that it doesn’t easily deteriorate, making it perfect for heavy traffic zones. Do you want something beautiful for garden edging that doesn’t constantly need weeded that protects the area from erosion? It’s the perfect flooring for porches and patios and for use in place of pavers and brick complements.


Different options in the PIP line exist as well. SYNPour™ 100 is solvent free, straight MDI polyurethane prepolymer with enhanced UV stability that’s created to bind EPDM rubber granules when designing the top layer synthetic sports surface. SYNPour™ 200 is aliphatic polyurethane instead of MDI, and the SYNStone™ 300 is designed for binding stones and sand when creating synthetic stone carpet surfacing.


Whether you manage an athletic center or playground that prevents injuries and absorbs impact or you own a home and need a safe surface underneath play equipment in the backyard, we have all that you need here at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. Call us for all your artificial turf needs or visit us online.


SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

4855 Hills & Dales Rd. NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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