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SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio Installs Synsport Backyard Multi-Sports Fields

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

By Fiona Vernon

It is traditional to keep a playset in the backyard on which the children can expend their energy, with most parents preferring that their house be the one the neighbor kids come to so that they can ensure their own child’s safety. No one would have predicted that a pandemic would arise to keep us at home more than usual; however, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio wants to make sure everyone can have fun at home with a backyard sports field. This economical Synsport material is engineered for indoor and outdoor multi-sports. When kids want to go outside, parents do not have to be worried about the kids or the yard with the benefits of this residential synthetic grass that is fade-resistant, fire-resistant, and meant to withstand the heavy traffic imbued upon it by kids and pets. Homeowners in search of a low-maintenance backyard with an environmentally friendly alternative to grass can count on Synthetic Turf Council certified installer SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio to help them improve their outdoor living space.

When parents and kids are stuck in the same space for an extended period of time, it can get a little stressful. Each age group has a different idea of what is fun and relaxing, so when the kids can go outside and play in their backyard multi-sports field, everyone will be happier. With practices and meets being cancelled because of COVID, kids need a place to express their energy while still engaging in their passion. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio is the perfect Synthetic Turf Certified installer to call to install residential synthetic grass that will stand up to the rough play that sports fields must endure. The kids will be happy as they walk outside to a soccer net at each end of the yard and also because they are not getting yelled at for causing damage to a well-kept yard, because Synsport material can handle everything from golf to cleats.

The parents will also be happy because they have found a way to improve their outdoor living space with an environmentally friendly alternative to grass that is fire-resistant. The Enviro-Loc™ backing system uses renewable soybeans to replace up to 60% of petroleum-based polyol. People can choose from the five different colors (field green, blue, white, yellow, and gold) in which this artificial grass is offered and do not have to worry about it fading in the sun with its UV stabilized yarns that stay bright. They will also be happy with their choice of SYNLawn’s Synsport material, since it is low-maintenance and saves them time, money, and energy. There is the option to add pet odor control, and each installation is accompanied by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Call today to get on the schedule.

Want to improve the outdoor living space in which morning coffee can be peacefully enjoyed? Want a backyard multi-sports field on which the children and their friends can play? Anyone can satisfy all these needs with one phone call to SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. This Synthetic Turf Certified installer excels at fade-resistant, fire-resistant, environmentally friendly residential synthetic grass installation when someone is looking for a low-maintenance backyard. The Synsport material allows a lawn to withstand the trials of life while offering the perfect alternative and closest match to natural grass. Homeowners will love the results when they call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio.

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

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